Calendar Clock Water Softeners

Calendar Clock Water Softeners

   The Logix™ 740 valve used in our Calendar Clock Water Softeners, takes a calendar clock and adds state of the art electronics to give you all the reliability that you need with the simplicity of a clock control.

Benefits of our Water Softeners:

  • Removed Hardness & Iron (up to 1.5 ppm)
  • No staining on bathroom & kitchen fixtures
  • Premium water efficient control valve
  • Reduced water heating cost
  • Prolonged life of water heaters, dishwashers, coffeemakers and plumbing fixtures
  • Fully automatic operation and simple programming
  • Washed gravel under bed provides extra filtration and enables proper cleaning of filter media
  • Does not use harsh chemicals

More about Water Softening

Features of the 255 Valve

  • Dependable 255 model, 5 cycle valve with 5 year warranty.
  • Time-tested Duraflow flapper provides frictionless sealing for longer service life
  • Fiber-reinforced polymer valve body for superior strength and durability, non-corrosive, and UV-resistant
  • Designed with double backwash for reduced hardness leakage
  • Designed for single or multiple tank systems
  • Environmental protective cover for water resistance, corrosion resistance, and UV stability
  • History data for valve performance
  • Robust resin and brine tanks
  • Quality manufactured in the USA

Calendar Clock Water Softeners – Controllers

Autotrol 740 Controller Features:

  • Simple economic electronic time clock
  • Time based controller
  • 7 or 99 day regeneration setting
  • High efficiency regeneration sequence
  • Filter or conditioner setting in one control
  • Operates 255, 263 and 268 Valves with one controller
  • Automatic capacity calculations

Autotrol 742 Controller Features:

Sames features as the 740 Controller Plus:

  • Professional level time clock control
  • Time based controller
  • 7 or 99 day regeneration setting
  • Fully programmable cycle times
  • Salt setting in 1-pound increments
  • Optional no-salt detector
    Operates 255, 263, 268, 278, and Magnum IT with one controller

Autotrol 255 Valve Spec Sheet
Autotrol 740 Timer Spec Sheet
Autotrol 742 Timer Spec Sheet
Autotrol 255 Valves Manual