Commercial Reverse Osmosis Brantford - PETWA Pro Series RO

PETWA Pro Series RO

Petwa’s Pro Series Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems remove up to 99% of the total dissolved solids (TDS) in raw commercial feedwater, producing high quality process water for applications such as:
• Boiler Feed
• Humidification Systems
• Drinking Water
• Industrial Processes
• Food and Beverage Processing
• Spot Free Rinse


  • Membrane: advanced thin film composite for maximum rejection of impurities
    Membrane Housings: standard stainless steel housings for PRO-150, PRO-300, PRO-450. Standard PVC housings for PRO-600, PRO-1200 and PRO-1800 (stainless steel optional)
  • Process Pump: direct coupled brass rotary vane type designed for continuous high pressure service
  • Frame: corrosion resistant powder coated steel
  • Pre-Sediment Filter: 5 micron rated filter for removal of sediment and protection of system
  • Pre-Carbon Filter: granular activated radial flow carbon filter for removal of chlorine must be replaced regularly
  • Flow Meters: precise monitoring of operating conditions with three flow meters for product, waste and recycle streams (PRO-600/1200/1800 only)
    Control Box: NEMA 12X rated control box with on/off switch and mode indicating lights (PRO-600/1200/1800 only)
  • Pre-Filter Isolation Valve: convenient shut off valve for easy filter replacement
  • Pressure Gauges: high quality 2.5″ liquid filled process pressure gauge for monitoring operating pressure. 1″ dry pressure gauge’s for monitoring filter operation
  • Low Pressure Cut-Out: insufficient feed water will automatically shut the system down protecting the process pump
  • Tank Full Switch: RO system will automatically start when tank pressure falls below 30 psi and stop when pressure reaches 50 psi
  • Air Purge: system automatically purges air out of pump and membranes before start up (PRO-600/1200/1800 only)
    Simple Maintenance/Inspection: all PRO Series components are strategically located on the frame for easy access and inspection


Optional Features:

  • Float Switch: mechanical float switch for open storage applications
  • Automatic Flush: unit will automatically flush for 1 minute every two hours of consecutive operation (PRO-600/1200/1800 only)



PETWA Pro Series RO Brochure

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