Customer Testimonials

Cecil From Waterloo - Jan 26, 2021

Hello Bill: I am the person that lives in Waterloo and spoke to you on the phone about the recent rebuild of my water softener, by a different installer, last week. (Jan 19-21) I appreciate all the information, advice and instruction you gave me about using the water softener. I would like to pay you a small fee for the time you spent talking to me on the phone. I only wanted to know if 65% of the resin tank filled was adequate or not. I ended up getting more information than I expected. I particularly appreciate you telling me to mark the level of resin bed top and call for checking or servicing the softener when it reaches 6 inches from top of resin tank. I think that would help prevent similar inconvenience from happening again in the future. So I would like to thank you again and wish you to have a good business and a good weekend.

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